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Engraved 25th Wedding Anniversary Silver Plate

Engraved Plate measures 10" wide. Each plate is nickel-plated for optimum representation and lasting beauty. Optional easel stand, sold separately.

Poem Reads:
As the sun sets on your first twenty-five,
And you look back and reminisce.
Always relive those moments of passion,
And bask in the thrill of your first kiss.
Know that this silver revelry,
while amazing, is only the start.
For love like yours is a symphony,
And will forever remain in your heart.

Engraved 25th Wedding Anniversary Silver Plate Details

Round Tray with a simple thread border
Measures 10โ€ in diameter
Made of solid metal and plated with nickel
Non-Tarnishing yet highly reflective
Dish-washing is not recommended
Optional easel stand, sold separately