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Armadillo Branding Iron

Our Armadillo Branding Iron is a unigue grilling gift for the grill master in your  home. This branding iron for dad, husband or boyfriend is a great talking piece when entertaining when having a backyard BBQ.

This branding iron was designed with the intention of branding steaks, burgers, buns, etc. but it also works perfectly wood & leather.

To heat the iron we recommend heating your Armadillo Branding Iron directly in the flame on your grill or firepit. To speed up the heating, we actually use a small Map Torch to heat them in under one minute.


  • 12" Long
  • The head of the brand is 1 1/2" tall and 4 3/4" wide
  • Easily heated on an open flame, charcoal but ideally, a butane torch
  • Made of iron. Clean with soap and water, thoroughly drying afterward
  • Works great on wood and leather


  • Add Branded Box: We'll brand the top of the box with the branding iron and wrap it inside of a western bandana
  • Add Wood Gift Plank: We'll brand the plank with the exact branding iron. The plank has a keyhole cut in the back for hanging and includes a horseshoe nail for displaying.
  • Add Box And Plate: We'll brand the top of the box and the wood steak plate with the branding iron and then wrap it inside of a western bandana
  • Groomsmen Gifts: We offer a 15% discount for purchasing 5 or more, checkout our groomsmen gifts page.